Volunteer, donate or sponsor a child.

Volunteer and join our team.

Volunteer and Use your talent, skills, and passions to fill a need, become a child advocate and spread the work granted victory foundation.

Sponsor a child and show then love.

Build a personal relationship with one of our children while financially giving to provide for their needs and be their guardian angel and they will grow knowing that you made a change tot their life.Welcome onboard<

Visit us and spend some time with us.

Let us introduce you to our precious children as you experience some of our activities and the good stories our children have to say to you as you meet new friends who are our children.Lets tour together.

  • Lives
  • Education
  • Action

Lives are transformed within months of entering Granted Victory Foundation.A vulnerable, helpless child’s life is changed through love, nutrition and care.Thats the reason we strive to ensure that every child has the right to a good life,Health,Education and protection.

Education being the key of each succes story we encourage our children to work hard as they learn English, math, science, computer and life skills at our organisation.We will care for the children until their ability-appropriate level of education (secondary school, trade school, university) is complete.These endeavors will prepare the children responsible and self-sustaining productive citizens.

Make a difference today as it is going to take all of us to do our part to make sure no child is neglected or abused in one way or the other.Join our work to ensure that every child is given the chance to grow up safe and loved.